Sounds like an good conference - wish I weren't gonna be big as a bowling
alley by then.


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> Subject: Joint Symposium 2000 Call to Conference
> CRLA President Pat Jonason and NADE President Martha Casazza
> and the Joint
> Symposium Committee invite you to attend Symposium 2000.
> The Symposium will be held June 21 - June 23, 2000 at the Great Divide
> Lodge in Breckenridge, Colorado.
> The Symposium offers the opportunity to learn from and with learning
> assistance professionals and developmental educators from across the
> country.  Twenty-two 3-hour sessions will be held from
> Wednesday afternoon
> through Friday morning.  The symposium will conclude Friday
> with a Luncheon
> and Closing Session including reports from wrap-up plenary sessions.
> Presentations topics (presenters) include:
> Whole Brain Teaching, Learning and Living (Jan Swinton);
> On-line Versus In-Line: Computerized Initiatives for Learning Centers
> (Denise McGinty Swann, Marcus Davis, and Alan Constant);
> Professional Standards:  What Do We have and What Do we Need?
> (Gladys Shaw,
> Susan Clark Thayer, Georgine Materniak, Martha Cassaza, and
> Cathy Nuse);
> Taking SI to the Next Level (Sydney Stansbury);
> The Successful Learning Assistance Center (Frank Christ,
> Karen Smith, Denis
> Swann, Gladys Shaw, and Susan Deese-Roberts);
> How the Brain Learns: Theories and Models for Programs (Rita
> Smilkstein);
> Interdisciplinary Learning Communicites of Developmental and General
> Education Classes(Sally Wood, Nancy Bettach, Marcos Cicerone, and
> Coleman);
> Future Directors in Using Technology:  An Open Forum (Karen
> Smight and Lucy
> Mac Donald)
> Institution Change:  Getting Student to Participate and Succeed (Nancy
> Wood, Mary Ridgway, Maggy Smith, and Dorothy Ward)
> Enhancing the Transition to College:  An Integrative Approach (Dana
> Lundell, Gregoy Choy, David Ghere, Jeanne Higbee, Heide Howard, Walter
> Jacobs, Amy Lee, Thomas Reynolds, Mary Ellen Shaw, and Jay Hatch)
> Student Success Strategies (Emily Hurlbert Susan Pinza)
> Professional Transitions and Transitions of the Profession
> (Becky Patterson
> and Kate Sandberg)
> Diversity in the Classroom, Center or Office (Jo-Ann Mullen)
> From Student Development to Faculty Development:  New Models fo the
> Millennium (Joyce Weinsheimer and Joel Winsheimer)
> Action vs. Reaction: Policitcal Involvement for Developmental
> Educators
> (Becky Garlick, Gail Platt, and Melody Wiens)
> Designing Online Instruction and Academic Support: An Exploration and
> Adventure
> (Karen Smith and Lucy MacDonald)
> Transition to Retirement (Kym Anderson)
> Imagine the Future at Hyperspeed:  Internet 2 and Instruction
> (Evelyn Posey)
> Strategic Planning and Management for the New Millennium
> (David Arendale)
> Cultural Diversity: Where We Are, Where We Want to Go and How
> to Get There
> (Herbert Chambers)
> Writing for Publication (Barbara Calderwood)
> Universal Instructional Design:  Enhancing Learning for All Students
> (Jeanne Higbee, Judy Schuck, Mark Pedelty, Karen Miksch,
> Patrick Bruch, and
> Karen Kalivoda)

Registration for the Symposium is $150 (via check, money
> order, or credit
> card).  The registration deadline is Mary 22,2000 but ONLY
> 250 participants
> will be accepted.  Registrations are already coming in;
> register early.  If
> you need a registration form, please contact me and I will
> fax or mail a
> form to you.
> Susan Deese-Roberts
> Member, Joint Symposium Committee
> [log in to unmask], 505 277-1876

> Register Soon!  See you in Colorado!