Dear LRNASST and SINET Friends,

A number of you have asked that I provide another way to access the pamphlet,
Guidelines for Interacting with the Distressed and Disruptive Student.  The
following URL address will allow you to see it over the web and to print,
download it.

Please only use as a sample of what one school did.  The best education for us
has not been the pamphlet (though we think highly of the authors), but rather
the staff from the Counseling Center who have come to our staff meetings to
train us and make us aware of campus resources, procedures, and increasing our
sensitivity to the students who are expressing needs in a variety of ways.
please note that the "00" in crisis00.htm are two zeros, not the letter "o"

-- David

David R. Arendale, Interim Director of CAD
Univ. of Missouri-KC, Center for Academic Development
5014 Rockhill Road, SASS #210, KC, MO 64110
816-235-1197; (F) 235-5156; [log in to unmask]
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