Good luck!  I'm only able to pay "professional"  tutors (people with at
least either a bachelor's degree or an equivalent combination of
education and experience - - some of my people have master's degrees)
$7.00/hour.  Our student tutors are paid at $5.15/hour to begin (minimum
wage), and then go to $5.30/hour if they go into a 2nd year of tutoring.
 But I do pay them for everything they do, be it training, tutoring,
data entry, etc.

David Cunningham
Coordinator of Tutoring
Pennsylvania College of Technology

>>> [log in to unmask] 04/08 12:20 AM >>>
At UNHM, I pay tutors for attending meetings and training,, reading
anything I suggest prior to the
next meeting, meeting with instructors,  - basically anything they can
show they did for the Learning
Center.  I agree with Richard that we must avoid exploiting their extra
services, especially because we
pay them so poorly.  (This year the starting salary is $6.00/hour.  I'm
begging for a budget that
allows me to pay beginning tutors $7.00/hr next academic year.

Richard Damashek wrote:

> I pay peer tutors for everything they do, not only preparation, but
attendance at training as well.
> I don't think they should be expected to work without compensation.
> Richard Damashek