I got tired of  losing excellent tutors to Burger King, etc.

I went to the Personnel Director with job descriptions in hand and was able
to elevate tutor pay to a competitive wage, relatively speaking.  That was
15 yrs. ago.  Currently I pay tutors $7.50, $8.00, and $8.50.  I suggest to
the community at large, i.e. middle school and high school age students, a
wage between $12 to $15 per hour.  The tutor is responsible for collecting.
 Our tutors are required to attend a training course that is one-unit (18
hrs.) and will transfer to four-year institutions.  I do not pay for size
of group, I pay by the hour.  I will pay for prep time, and drive time to
our remote site.  I wish my budget allowed for higher wages.  The District
kicks in  $33,000, and then there are the categorical funds, i.e., disabled
students, financially disadvantaged, Welfare-to Work, vocational, and grant
money made available by the State Dept. of Education.  Our tutors are peer
tutors, and they do a great job.

Sierra College
Rocklin, California
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I'd like to thank everyone for their replies to the questions I posed
about paying peer tutors.  I have gotten several ideas -- especially
about paying more for tutors that run groups of 3 or 4 students.  We
do pay tutors for training, and for preparation work they do.
However, we have to be careful that they don't go over their allotted
amount of work study or student employment money for the semester.
I think one of the best ideas I received came to me off list from
Jane Neuburger at Cazenovia College -- she said to contact Human
Resources and see if different staff positions could be paid
different amounts -- then write out job descriptions for tutors that
list all the job duties they perform.

Thanks for all the suggestions!
Julie Jackson-Coe
Academic Skills Specialist
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