At the University of Maine, we have a student pay scale that is similar to a cl
assified employees pay scale.  There are 5 different levels based on skill and
within each level there are four step increases.  The first level starts with t
he min. wage and each step is a 10 cent increase.  Our institution has job desc
riptions for each student job title.  I have worked with our Student Employment
 Office to develop job descriptions for tutors.  We start tutors at Level II, s
tep I at 5.60/hr as a Student Tutor I.  After one semester, if the tutor has co
mpleted 12 hours of training and earned 25 hours of actual tutor time and there
fore their Level I Certificate from CLRA, we promote them to the next level

(Level III, Step I at $6.00/hr).

     They work at this level for two more semesters, complete 10 more hours or
training and work another 25 hours of actual tutor time and earn Level II Certi
fication.  Once this is accomplished, they get another pay raise to Level IV, S
tep I at $6.95/hr.   After completing Level II training, they are eligible to a
pply to be a subject area Coordinator which starts at $8.45/hr.

     We pay tutors for training, preparation time, meeting with professors and
report time.  We only provide small group tutoring.  Students are grouped by co
urse and professor.  Maximum group size is 4.  We are currently using Tutor Sch
edule by Dave Edson to assign students to groups, but will be converting to Tut
or Magic by Brian Castle in the Fall of 2000.

Ruth A. Doucette
Tutor Coordinator
The Tutor Program
104 Dunn Hall
University of Maine
Orono, Maine 04469-2724