I would like this information also.  Thank you in advance.

Ron Gray

At 02:13 PM 4/13/00 -0400, Kim McDonald wrote:
>Hope all of you are doing well as we start to wrap up this semester!
>(Can the 85 degree weather be far behind???)
>Starting to think about tutor training for this fall.  If any of you
>have any particularly good exercises that you've used in training,
>please e-mail me at the above address (or post to the entire list -- I'm
>sure others would be interested as well!).  I'm especially interested in
>interactive/social skills kinds of things.  Also, exercises that will
>make the tutors really think about the importance of their roles as
>tutors would be helpful.
>We run an FYE program here where I include the faculty and the academic
>advisors in
>part of the tutor training day.  It's worked really well.  Everyone
>leaves the training feeling "connected," happy and ready to start the
>new year!  (I love this stuff!)
>Thanks in advance for your help!
>Kim McDonald
>Saginaw Valley State University
>in "Sunny Michigan!"

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