I wanted to say thanks to Linda Russell and Jelaine McCamish for sharing
some specific tutor training ideas with the rest of the list.

Can't guess how others on this listserv feel, but I, for one, sure am tired
of receiving 10-15 messages per day saying "send the exercises to me, too"
(as if such exercises were in a nice neat package and just had to be
attached to an email message and sent to all the "me too" respondents).

On the other hand, perhaps the widespread desire to obtain tutor training
materials signals a real need among learning assistance professionals. Would
anyone like to join me in an effort to collect and publish/link (on a
website) tutor training materials/ideas?

Since only a few folk seem to have stuff (so far), perhaps some of you all
know websites where tutor training materials are posted. I know of a couple.
For starters, check out Dartmouth's writing tutor website:

I know that Galaudet (sp?) University also has a nice site for tutor

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Subject: Tutor Training Exercises

Hi!  Just wanted all of you to know that (to date), I haven't received
any messages that I could forward on to you.  Perhaps it's just too
early for people to be thinking about next fall already.

I will re-post this message at a future date and ask that any responses
be posted directly to the list.

Thank you!

Kim McDonald
Saginaw Valley State University