April 5, 2000


We are currently offering an online version of our study skills course (a
one credit course entitled "College Success Management").  Among the
enrollments for this course are many developmental-level students.  The
number of enrollments is small, but expected to increase over the next year.
As for some of our developmental reading, writing and math courses, I can't
be sure at this point if they will be fully on line or just incorporate more
web-based activities into the curricululm.  Please let me know if I can
answer any other questions for you.

Sarah Bedingfield
Department of Instructional Studies

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Subject: Developmental Education Courses and the Web

I am doing some research to find out some information about web-based
developmental education courses. I would appreciate responses to the
following brief questions:

1) Does your school offer developmental education courses on the web? (yes

If yes, list courses and enrollments (if you know them):

2) Is your school developing plans to offer developmental education courses
on the web?

If yes, list courses:

When are they projected to be on-line?

3) Is your school considering offering developmental education courses?

If yes, list them.

Thanks for your help. I'll report what I find out for all to see.

Richard Damashek
Director of Academic Support Programs
Calumet College of St. Joseph
Whiting, IN