This is part of the NADE Guides publication.  The Self-Evaluation Guides
for Tutoring Services is a tool for conducting a study of your program to
determine its strengths and areas for improvement.  It can also be used by
programs that are starting a tutoring service as a checklist of things to
be considered in developing a tutor service.

The tutor sevices self-evaluation guide leads you through a self-study of
13 components of a tutor service:
1. Mission Goals and Objectives
2. Program
3. Leadership and Management
4. Organization and Administration
5. Human Resources
6. Funding
7. Facilities
8. Legal Responsibilities
9. Equal Opportunity, Access and Affirmative Action
10. Campus and Community Relations
11. Awareness of Individual Differences
12. Ethics
13. Evaluation.

The NADE Guides are published by H&H.  Call (800)366-4079.

Georgine Materniak
Learning Skills Center
University of Pittsburgh

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> Is anyone familiar with the book Self-Evaluation Guides for Tutoring
> Services:  Models for Assessing Learning Assistance Education PRograms
> SusanClark-Thayer?  I am thinking of adding it to my collection but would
> like to hear some input first  Regina