Thanks for your information about tutor certification!  I plan to look into
the subject more indepth one of these days, but for now, I do have a few
questions (sorry if I ramble here):  I understand the concepts of incentive
for tutors and provision of the highest quality of service, but these are
my thoughts:

                1.  If a student isn't motivated enough to come to tutor training, I
don't want him or her as a              tutor, and I'm glad to discover early on that
the person doesn't have what it takes. Offering
                a certified program is not a guarantee that tutors will be motivated.  In
other words, if I can
                motivate them on my own, where's the harm?

                2.  You say that certification is "transferrable to other programs." What
other programs do you           have in mind?

                3.  While I see your point about gaining faculty support, faculty here
already                 appreciate the tutoring program.

                4. Someone else mentioned that having a certified program will help a
learning center to gain                 respect. This seems obvious, but if the center
has already gained the respect of the campus,
                certification seems less necessary.

My intent is not to be argumentative but just raise a few questions.  I
don't think that the listserv is suggesting that lack of certification
equals poor quality.  I know I don't have enough information at this point,
so if anyone feels like sharing, I am ready to listen.
        Lou Ann Sears