"Gabriel, Dennis" wrote:

> Gary, thanks for the tip:  excellent source for EFL materials!
> You might find a good place to leave assignments for
> students; the service is free.

Gary Probst replied:

Here is an excellent website that will permit you to put information about
your course online.   There are many excellent features that make this an
excellent way to manage a college course..  Several faculty members at my
college have used it this year and are very happy with it.  I plan to have my
online reading and math course on this website for the fall semester.

Cooper A. Morrow, client relations associate, visited with me last month and I
was impressed with what this company provides.  While this service is free to
individual faculty members, one goal of the company is to become the internet
provider for your college at a cost of around $20 a student. Also, they sell
books and student tours.   Jenzabar is better than Blackboard in my opinion.
Cooper said addition freatures are being planned for Jenzabar as we learn what
is needed for an online learning community.

It is very easy to put information on this website.  No learning curve.  There
is technical support when you need help.  You can cut and paste handouts,
tests, etc. from your wordprocessor.  You and your students use this website
for email messages.   Our college email is terrible.  This website permits
your class to become an online learning community.

Jenzabar is in some way is connected to Yahoo. Jenzabar has great backing.  I
saw on their website today they just received an additional sixty million
dollars from investors.

You can check it out at the following web address:

For more information you can write Cooper Morrow at [log in to unmask]
or call 617.492.9099  x237