Hi Lisa
I am interested in a copy of the questionnaire that you use with the students. Are you able to send it via e-mail or snail mail:
Regina Kekis
SUNY Institute of Technology Utica/Rome
P.O. Box 3050
Utica NY 13504

Lisa Kramme wrote:

All students on academic probation are supposed to meet with me (Dir. of
Academic Support Services).  During our meeting we discuss the reason(s) the
student believes he/she had a low enough gpa to warrant probationary status.
These reasons may include lack of studying, poor test taking, excessive
absences, etc.  The student then completes a questionnaire that helps me
determine what study skills this student may or may not have.  We then
complete a contract together, agreeing to meet concerning the deficiency
areas noted on the questionnaire.  The student is also supposed to spend
(minimal) time in our tutoring center every week.  I'm still trying to work
out the bugs on this system, and it only works as well as the student is
willing to follow through.
Lisa Kramme
Midland Lutheran College

Sandy Swan wrote:

> I am wanting to put together a proposal for an intervention program and
> would like to know what other colleges and universities are doing.
> Do any of your colleges or universities have an intervention program for
> students placed on academic probation?
> Do you know of any articles or publications on what works for intervening
> with students on academic probation?
> Do you know of other listservs where I could post this question?
> Thanks for your help,
> Sandy Swan, MLS, MPH
> Director, Learning Assistance Center
> Newman University
> 3100 Mc Cormick
> Wichita, KS  67213
> 316-942-4291, ext. 322
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