I would like to follow up on Susan Deese-Roberts' invitation.  Two of the
sessions will be led by my faculty colleagues from the University of Minnesota
General College.  For those of you asking Qs on this list related to dev. ed.
courses in the sciences, I strongly recommend that you come hear Jay Hatch, one
of our panelists on an integrative approach to dev. ed.  For others who have
raised multiple Qs re: serving students with disabilities, come hear our panel
on Universal Design.

Jeanne Higbee

Susan Deese-Roberts wrote:

> CRLA President Pat Jonason and NADE President Martha Casazza and the Joint
> Symposium Committee invite you to attend Symposium 2000.
> The Symposium will be held June 21 - June 23, 2000 at the Great Divide
> Lodge in Breckenridge, Colorado.
> The Symposium offers the opportunity to learn from and with learning
> assistance professionals and developmental educators from across the
> country.  Twenty-two 3-hour sessions will be held from Wednesday afternoon
> through Friday morning.  The symposium will conclude Friday with a Luncheon
> and Closing Session including reports from wrap-up plenary sessions.
> Registration for the Symposium is $150 (via check, money order, or credit
> card).  The registration deadline is Mary 22,2000 but ONLY 250 participants
> will be accepted.  Registrations are already coming in; register early.  If
> you need a registration form, please contact me and I will fax or mail a
> form to you.
> Susan Deese-Roberts
> Member, Joint Symposium Committee
> [log in to unmask], 505 277-1876
> Presentations topics (presenters) include:
> Whole Brain Teaching, Learning and Living (Jan Swinton);
> On-line Versus In-Line: Computerized Initiatives for Learning Centers
> (Denise McGinty Swann, Marcus Davis, and Alan Constant);
> Professional Standards:  What Do We have and What Do we Need? (Gladys Shaw,
> Susan Clark Thayer, Georgine Materniak, Martha Cassaza, and Cathy Nuse);
> Taking SI to the Next Level (Sydney Stansbury);
> The Successful Learning Assistance Center (Frank Christ, Karen Smith, Denis
> Swann, Gladys Shaw, and Susan Deese-Roberts);
> How the Brain Learns: Theories and Models for Programs (Rita Smilkstein);
> Interdisciplinary Learning Communicites of Developmental and General
> Education Classes(Sally Wood, Nancy Bettach, Marcos Cicerone, and Judy
> Coleman);
> Future Directors in Using Technology:  An Open Forum (Karen Smight and Lucy
> Mac Donald)
> Institution Change:  Getting Student to Participate and Succeed (Nancy
> Wood, Mary Ridgway, Maggy Smith, and Dorothy Ward)
> Enhancing the Transition to College:  An Integrative Approach (Dana
> Lundell, Gregoy Choy, David Ghere, Jeanne Higbee, Heide Howard, Walter
> Jacobs, Amy Lee, Thomas Reynolds, Mary Ellen Shaw, and Jay Hatch)
> Student Success Strategies (Emily Hurlbert Susan Pinza)
> Professional Transitions and Transitions of the Profession (Becky Patterson
> and Kate Sandberg)
> Diversity in the Classroom, Center or Office (Jo-Ann Mullen)
> >From Student Development to Faculty Development:  New Models fo the
> Millennium (Joyce Weinsheimer and Joel Winsheimer)
> Action vs. Reaction: Policitcal Involvement for Developmental Educators
> (Becky Garlick, Gail Platt, and Melody Wiens)
> Designing Online Instruction and Academic Support: An Exploration and
> Adventure
> (Karen Smith and Lucy MacDonald)
> Transition to Retirement (Kym Anderson)
> Imagine the Future at Hyperspeed:  Internet 2 and Instruction (Evelyn Posey)
> Strategic Planning and Management for the New Millennium (David Arendale)
> Cultural Diversity: Where We Are, Where We Want to Go and How to Get There
> (Herbert Chambers)
> Writing for Publication (Barbara Calderwood)
> Universal Instructional Design:  Enhancing Learning for All Students
> (Jeanne Higbee, Judy Schuck, Mark Pedelty, Karen Miksch, Patrick Bruch, and
> Karen Kalivoda)
> Register Soon!  See you in Colorado!

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