If you are interested in increasing the pay for tutors, you might try the following if you have not already:

1) Go to your student government.  Ask them to match funds for these peer tutors.  $$ goes right into the pockets of the tutors.

2) Go to Human Resources.  Ask them to do a desk audit. Make sure you include everything that the tutor does.

3) Check out local pay of tutors.  Compare apples with apples in terms of job responsibilities, client group, etc.

My personal opinion is that peer tutors who work on campus benefit from us advocating for a high salary for them.  Anywhere from $7-$9/hour seems reasonable regardless of geographical location.  Top of the student pay scale since they are 1)paraprofessionals (serious training puts them in this classification) and
2) key in the role of retention.

Good Luck!

-Karin Winnard