I would be glad to provide more info off list, but I thought I would reply to the
list to put in a plug for the University of Minnesota's thematic
writing-intensive freshman seminars.  I love teaching mine in the cultural
diversity theme track--titled "Celebrating Diversity in 20th Century America
through Fiction and Film."  I am currently designing another, "The Civil Rights
Movement as Depicted in Fiction and Film."  Other theme tracks are environmental,
civics, and international.  Each faculty member designs her/his own course,
within very specific guidelines related to writing requirements if to be
designated "writing intensive."

Jeanne Higbee

Rika Snip wrote:

>                The president of our two year community college (4,000 or so
>           students) is hearing our business advisory committees request
>           better writing skills of our graduates. I have provided her with
>           some good summaries of the writing across the curriculum movement,
>           and now I'm looking for some exemplary practice at the community
>           college level.
>                I have heard her toy with two ideas--one, an "open lab" where
>           students would be expected to bring their writing needs instead of
>           having (additional, I hope) composition classes.  The other would
>           be to attach an English composition instructor to a particular
>           area, allowing release time for the instructor to work with content
>           specialists to plan for more writing in content areas,to do the
>           writing tutorials and to mark for writing competence.
>                So as well as examples of exemplary practice, do any of you
>           have experience with either or both of these models?  What are
>           their plusses?  drawbacks?
>                Unless the rest of the listserve indicates an interest, please
>           feel free to respond off the listserve.
>                Thanks in advance for your considered opinions. People on this
>           listserve are the greatest!
>           Rika Snip
>           Lethbridge Community College
>           Lethbridge, AB Canada
>           [log in to unmask]

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