Oops! Sorry, Ken This has been a "brain burp" day. If it makes you feel any better, I've already submitted a budget request for the NC State video series.  The web previews looked great & several others on the list-serve have made favorable comments about this product.

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Ouch, Peg, that hurts!  I assume you mean the NC State (not UNC) tutor
tapes!  Oh well, it gives me another opportunity for another plug.  :-)
For more information, follow the link below my signature.
-Ken Gattis

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I am Manager of Academic Support @UNT Health Science Center,  All of my
tutors are medical & graduate students & attendance @ training has always
been a problem. The more experienced ones are upperclassmen who may be on
clinical rotations in other cities. Group training is usually only
attended by new tutors. My interim plan for Fall '00 is to order the UNC
tutor tapes and design worksheets to accompany each topic.  Tutors can
then complete training requirements by working independently through the
tapes & worksheets. For my educational setting, online training may be
the best solution. Because I'm a one-person office & wear many hats, this
project is a year away.
Peg Dansereau

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Hi all,

I'm prompted to write because of a comment in Lou Anne Sears's post:

"While I am interested in seeing what exercises others use, I have
a need for any.  All of the tutors are not available to do the training
the same time.  Sometimes, only one student will come in for a session.
Other times, the room will be full.  You never know."

I've had similar experiences, in spite of paying tutors for training &
threatening penalties for failure to attend. Just recently, I've
overhauled the whole system, so that beginning with next semester,
tutors will get raises only if they pass the requisite number &
of exams (2 per semester for the first two semesters, and one in the
3rd). Based on discussions here about tutor pay, I've even offered to
pay them for preparation for training (reading the appropriate chapter
in The Master Tutor). I've made training sessions optional, but because
I offer them at a convenient time for residential students (Sunday
evening), and because I will pay them to attend, and because the exam
will be offered immediately after each training session, I expect to do
a little better.

I want to train more than one tutor at a time not just for efficiency's
sake, but because there's pedagogical value in group-learning.

I've had to use the carrot (rather than stick) method, because I simply
can't afford to fire tutors who don't show for training. It takes a few
weeks to find replacements.

Are other folks having training attendance problems? Have you solved


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