I am also interested in seeing the questionnaire Lisa Kramme developed for use on working with students on academic probation.  Can you please send me a copy.  Thank you.

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>>> Nancy Smith <[log in to unmask]> 4/12/00 4:20:40 PM >>>
I would be interested in seeing the questionnaire the Lisa Kramme developed
for use in working with students in academic trouble or on probation.  Could
you send me a copy.  Thanks!

Nancy I. Smith, Director
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Date: Tuesday, April 11, 2000 10:08 AM
Subject: Re: academic probation

>I am interested in the questionnaire Lisa Kramme developed to be used for
>assessment of students in ongoing academic difficulty (or  probation).
>Would you be able to send me a copy?
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>>Subject: Re: academic probation
>>Date: Mon, Apr 10, 2000, 9:04 PM
>> All students on academic probation are supposed to meet with me (Dir. of
>> Academic Support Services).  During our meeting we discuss the reason(s)
>> student believes he/she had a low enough gpa to warrant probationary
>> These reasons may include lack of studying, poor test taking, excessive
>> absences, etc.  The student then completes a questionnaire that helps me
>> determine what study skills this student may or may not have.  We then
>> complete a contract together, agreeing to meet concerning the deficiency
>> areas noted on the questionnaire.  The student is also supposed to spend
>> (minimal) time in our tutoring center every week.  I'm still trying to
>> out the bugs on this system, and it only works as well as the student is
>> willing to follow through.
>> Lisa Kramme
>> Midland Lutheran College
>> Sandy Swan wrote:
>>> I am wanting to put together a proposal for an intervention program and
>>> would like to know what other colleges and universities are doing.
>>> Do any of your colleges or universities have an intervention program for
>>> students placed on academic probation?
>>> Do you know of any articles or publications on what works for
>>> with students on academic probation?
>>> Do you know of other listservs where I could post this question?
>>> Thanks for your help,
>>> Sandy Swan, MLS, MPH
>>> Director, Learning Assistance Center
>>> Newman University
>>> 3100 Mc Cormick
>>> Wichita, KS  67213
>>> 316-942-4291, ext. 322
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