Thanks so much for bringing this topic to the listserv. We have seen an
increase in the number of students who have mental illness disabilities
(some of them pretty severe), and I am concerned that tutors will know when
and how to make referrals. I'm also concerned for the safety of peer tutors
who meet students by appointment in places like the student center.

Your message is particularly timely because I am just beginning to put
together the training programs for fall semester. I hope you will be able
to share your brochure at some point. Could you scan it and send it as a
pdf file?


At 07:10 PM 04/04/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear SInet and LRNASST Friends,
>I am curious how other centers are training their tutors, SI leaders, mentors,
>etc., to deal with students who are experiencing emotional difficulties and
>expressing them in passive or aggressive behaviors.  It would be helpful to
>how student paraprofessionals and professional staff are being trained to
>signs of potential distress, what campus and community resources are
>and how are referrals made to access those resources.  The professional
>literature often talks about how our student paraprofessionals (tutors, SI
>leaders, mentors, etc.) are the most likely to observe students in need
and can
>make quick referrals to campus resources.
>We have been dealing with a student in difficulty for several weeks.  It
>that the student will receive help through the coordinated efforts of the Vice
>Chancellor's Office, Counseling Services, Campus Security, external health
>service providers, family members of the student, and the Center staff.
>Our campus has developed an official policy and procedure brochure on this
>subject (unfortunately I don't have copies to share at this point).  In
>we are in process for training our own staff through consultations from the
>campus Counseling Services department.  We will integrate the text from the
>campus policy and procedure brochure as well as other related materials into
>training manuals for on campus tutors and SI leaders, as well as include it
>our next revision of the SI Supervisor and SI Leader training manuals.
>I have read in the professional literature that we should anticipate more
>students "in crisis" will be attending postsecondary education.  What are
>colleagues doing to address this issue?  Looking forward to your thoughts and
>-- David
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