Personnel evaluation should be an onging  part of your program for all
staff.  The purpose is to find ways to improve your services - not to
condemn or criticize.  If evaluation is ongoing , the supervisors don  't
wait until the end of the term to make suggestions or corrections these are
communicated as events occur rather than waiting until the end of the year
bring bad news.

One way to start evaluations of superivors whether tutor coordinators or
others is by having the employee review and revise their job descriptions.
Inevitably job descriptions change -  one might try to offer a SI section
or revise the program for training teachers.  The employees then can rate
their own performance on each task while the supervisor does the same.
Then together they can compare and discuss the results. It is advisable to
include critical incidents as well as raw ratings -e.g. ,  "Julie's
teaching performance improved significantly this term -as shown by her
student's ratings of her class and the fact that  students in her classes
this fall were retained at a 15 percent higher rate than those in previous

By having the superviosr and the employee both share in the evaluation
process, you'll develop a more effective
and useful evaluation system.  For morwe suggestions, see:

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