I've been following this thread with interest since I recently passed parts
1-5 of the exams.  Although I found Mr. Paget's comments insightful and
entertaining as always he was wrong on a few points.  I have seen employment
adds that stated "CRM required" not just preferred and I would guess that it
will be become more common in the future.  HR people are always looking for
ways to cut down on the number of resumes to sift through.  Mr. Paget is
probably right that many of them don't know what CRM stands for but what
they do know, I would suspect, is that if you got it you're not a total

You may want to check the archives of this listserv because I recall a very
lively debate in the past about the CRM designation, some going so far as to
say it is "elitist."   I think when people use silly Marxist language like
this what they're really saying is "I'm too lazy and/or stupid to complete
this process so I'll simply dismiss it and insult the individuals who worked
so hard to obtain it."  Now of course I do not mean everyone who chooses not
to become a CRM, nor do I believe that a CRM is necessarily a better RM.  I
know plenty of great RMs who are not CRMs.  However,  attacking any kind of
testing standards seems to becoming an epidemic here in the US.  For
example, New York State recently instituted tough standardized tests for all
school children.  Some are actually suing claiming it is not a true measure
of their abilities.  Again, I think what they're saying is "I spent the last
ten years playing video games, watching TV, and looking at (I dare someone to click on that link!) on the Internet
so there's no way in heck I'll pass."

To be or not to be a CRM is a personal decision.  I decided to seek it for
the reasons Mr. Whitaker stated in his post. What I would ask of those who
do not seek the CRM designation is not to demean the hard work of those who
do by saying things like it is "elitist" or a "waste of time"

These opinions are mine only and not my employer's.

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