To those people who asked to be copied on responses to the following

I didn't get any responses other than requests to be copied, so there is
nothing to pass on.  Sorry!

Robin Tew
Supervisor, Records Management
Pinellas County Schools

--Enjoying warm nights and gulf breezes in beautiful, sunny Florida!

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>I have two questions concerning student educational records.  Because they
>are of limited interest, please respond off list.
>I have been told that it is illegal to maintain copies of INS documentation
>in student records.  I am looking for a legal citation to back this up.
>anyone else heard of this prohibition?
>Our procedure has always been to limit the access of law enforcement
>personnel to student directory information, unless a court order, subpoena,
>or release of information is provided.  Are other school districts
>this same procedure, or do you allow greater access.  And if so, how do you
>justify it?

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