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Omaha World-Herald 5/30/00
Ralston mayor wants to display city's archives,3153,344609,00.html

by Jeffrey Robb
Ralston historians and its mayor are developing new plans to display the
community's archives, which are stored away from view.
Mayor Don Groesser is promoting the idea of a new archive building at Park
Lane and Woodlawn Avenue. The project could cost $50,000, he said.
The archives - documents, photographs and products from old Ralston
businesses - have been without a home at times throughout the last decade.

Salt Lake Tribune 5/28/00
Pinkerton Agency releases long-secret files on Butch, Sundance and James

by Kevin Murphy
Knight Ridder News Service
WASHINGTON -- Good detectives don't like to show their hand. But after 150
years, the storied Pinkerton agency is finally revealing what it had on
outlaws such as Jesse James and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
Last week, Pinkerton loaded almost 100 boxes of criminal records,
investigative notes, pictures, letters and other materials on a truck bound
for the Library of Congress in Washington, where they will be available for
historians and the public.

Business Wire 5/26/00
"Revolutionary" CryptoNotary - Registration authority network to be unveiled
at Las Vegas Notary Conference

CHATSWORTH, Calif. (BUSINESS WIRE) - A "new and revolutionary" method to
send secure, authenticated documents through the Internet will be unveiled
next month at the 22nd Annual National Notary Association Conference in Las

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