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A hasty good morning to all.

>Denise wrote:
> > I've often wondered if the folks at Infopro would publish an
> > article from
> > someone like me, who doesn't have a CRM designation but does
> > have something
> > to say about construction project files.
>What you should do is write a one page proposal about your article. In that
>proposal state what the article is about (construction project files), what
>new information are you supplying, what did you learn, what have you
>improved etc. What type of construction files -- building, highway, airport,
>mass transit, etc.?

I am developing an alternative solution, an
e-journal for RM.  The format is being worked out with
several other folks, including an under-employed editor
who knows nothing of RM but everything about editing for publication.

This alternative publication will not be ready,
realistically, until August 2000, at the earliest.

In the meantime, if you have in hand, or contemplating
developing an article pertaining to some area of records
management I ask that you develop a one-paragraph
proposal/precis of your article.  I will announce
where and when the proposals will be accepted.  Please
do not send proposals to this address at this time.
Projected ETA for proposal acceptance is late
June 2000, as soon as the editor/editorial board
is in place.

Subscription to the e-zine will be free.  We may
have to accept advertising to defray the costs of
the editor and/or the server service.

The RM e-journal is not expected to compete with
or replace existing publications.  At best it will
be a venue for try-outs for those publications, at
worst . . . well, who knows? <g>

We intend to provide a venue for those who would
like to publish articles on RM, but lack the
confidence or experience to write for the existing
journals.  As such, authors will not be paid but
will retain copyright to their articles OUTSIDE
of reprints/reissues through the e-journal.  And
that's another chore, lining up a lawyer to
write THAT contract.  ;-)


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