> To avoid similar situations do NOT post virus reports, confirmed or
> not, to the RECMGMT-L list.  There are numerous information channels
> for virus alerts and this is not one of them.  The only virus alerts
> to this list will be regarding messages propogating viruses sent BY
> this list, and posted either by the list administrators or by persons
> authorized to do so at the time of posting.  Authorization should be
> obtained prior to and quoted in the alert notice.

That's too bad cuz had I been at work yesterday morning, and read the list,
I would have been able to investigate the virus announcement and avert some
of the damage caused here at the City. The virus announcement on the list
came in about a half hour before a staff member in our office opened the
virus attachment....

We are still recovering from the damage caused by the I Love You virus. I
also understand that the virus is now being sent out under a new name with
an e-mail subject line of Joke and text saying "very funny."

All of this just reinforces what most of us on the list already know, DO NOT
OPEN ATTACHMENTS unless you are specifically expecting to receive an
attachment from someone. And even then you are rolling the dice...

Maverick Collier
Records Analyst
City of Bellevue
Bellevue, Washington
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