Hi gang!

We are a Canadian government office with our Records program indexed
through Lotus Notes.  I have done a lot of reading into moving our paper
based records into an electronic format.  As I read, the choices available
for storage mediums were CD's, DVD's(too new?), WORM, etc.  Everything I
read says that we would have to transfer over to a new medium in
approximately 10 years time due to the dinosaur factor.

I recently attended a course where the use of microfiche or microfilm was
heavily pushed as the medium to go to.   Is there anyone out there who has
gone this route?  It seems rather archaic or "not sexy" as the instructor
put it.  He gave a few cases of companies that were in fiche, then to the
electronic format and then back to fiche again. The instructor was from a
service bureau currently using microfilm as a standard.

We are also looking into workflow applications or software management.  The
intent is to have a system with full text search capability that would
source all networked software applications and find related documents.  For
example:  If I did a search for the Don River, the system would find Word
Perfect doc's, GIS mapping, Lotus 123 financial documents, Lotus NOTES
records, E-mails. etc.  I think you get the idea.  Are we pie in the sky to
find something that could manage this?  Any thoughts would be helpful.

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