I read that article and no where was there reference to records management.
The CIO's were IT people who then moved into information management and
workflow.  It appears that the IT person moved out of realm of taking care
of computers into making a difference in the business.
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                Today's NYTimes has an excellent article on CIOs that has
                implications for those of us in the records and information
                profession. Down below are some interesting quotes from the
article. As
                always access to the NYT articles requires a subscription to
the website,BUT
                it is free. Also the article may only be up for today.

                He got the assignment and threw himself into it with tasks
like picking
                apart and mapping every process that Tech Data used in its
warehouses to
                receive and ship its products.
                He emerged a hero: within three months, Tech Data had almost
doubled its
                shipments and had trimmed inventory.

                People don't look to me as just being a C.I.O.," she said.
"I'm expected to
                bring wisdom, to understand all aspects of our business, as
well as not work
                in isolation."

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