Hi everyone,

My name is Heather Gordon, and I'm the Records Management Coordinator for
the City of Coquitlam, a municipality of about 111,000 people and located
almost next door to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The Municipal Information Systems Association of British Columbia (MISA-BC)
is exploring the possibility of pursuing a joint initiative for the
procurement and implementation of a comprehensive EDMS/RMS solution for BC
municipalities, somewhat akin to the Canadian federal government's RDIMS
initiative (see More information about the initiative may be
found in the message below, which was originally posted on the MISA-BC

If any of you are working for BC municipalities and would be interested in
participating in the initiative (currently spearheaded by representatives
from the Cities of Kamloops and Coquitlam), please feel free to contact me
directly at [log in to unmask] or the two MISA contacts listed in
the message below. Additionally, if any other recmgmt listserv members have
any experience with these sorts of initiatives, I'd be delighted to hear
from you. Again, please feel free to contact me directly.

Heather Gordon
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Subject: Municipal Records/Document Management Project - Joint

MISA is exploring the possibility of pursuing a joint initiative for the
procurement and implementation of a comprehensive records/document
management solution.  The federal RDIMS program is serving as a model for
the plan.  RDIMS is the federal government initiative which allows Federal
institutions to acquire the RDIMS software (Docs Open, Foremost RM, Docs
Routing, Docs Imaging and Crystal info) at a significantly reduced price
($450 per seat).  This shared initiative is significantly reducing the cost
of implementation.

By combining the planning ability, implementation experience, and purchasing
powers of a number of municipalities, the cost of implementing EDMS/RMS can
potentially be significantly reduced. Municipalities will have specific
needs for an EDMS/RMS implementation, however, the main functionality
required remains the same for all municipalities:  the ability to manage
electronic records in a fashion that ensures they are preserved and
destroyed according to legal and organizational requirements.

To explore this issue further, we are looking for:
1.  Expressions of interest from municipalities who are interested in
document/records management solutions - as well as a time frame of the
expected implementation.
2.  A volunteer from another municipality who would be willing to
participate in the process to define requirements, develop an RFP framework,
and negotiate the standing offer agreement.

Please contact David Nelson [log in to unmask] or myself
[log in to unmask], if you have any questions or are interested in
participating at either level.

Thanks in advance,
Colleen Kennedy

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