Am in need of some assistance from the list members.  I am a Records Analyst
whose job was recently outsourced, however, I was hired by the outsource
company and continue to do the same job I had as before.  Someone in the
procurement department has asked our records management department if we
have any archive requirement regarding specific type or types of paper used
for hard copy documents that are listed on our company records retention
schedules.  It seems they are wanting to standardize the type of copier
paper that is used for the individual floor copiers and the high volume
copiers that are used in our reprographics department.

Do any of you who develop records retention schedules or establish policies
and procedures have any specific requirement as to the type of paper that
must be used, i.e, acid free, etc. for hard copy records?  I have not found
any specific requirements within our records retention schedule policies,
but thought some of you may have had some experience.  I realize that the
shelf life of the paper would partly determine how long the records printed
on that paper could theoretically be retained.  If the retention period for
records is Life of Corporation, for example, would there need to be a
requirement for the specific type of paper used for those documents?  Would
one just assume that the media used to archive documents would be determined
by the retention periods assigned for those records?  Most, if not all,
corporations have boxes and boxes of hard copy documents stored in
facilities in locations all over the world.  I am just wondering if any
thought was given to the length of time those documents would be retained
when they were printed on paper.  I am looking for any documentation or
specific requirement any of you might have in place for your corporation.

Appreciate and welcome any of your thoughts, comments, recommendations, etc.

Thank you,


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