Can anyone give me the procedure for destruction of archives ?
First I assume that you are referring to inactive records that do not have
permanent value to your organization. That said the usual procedure is for
the destruction authorization request to be reviewed by the department
concerned, legal counsel and tax counsel. The reviews are done to ensure
that there are no lingering needs for the records such as litigation, tax
audits or some compelling business need.

Who is responsible to give the authority for to sign the destructionlist ?
Just the head of the department of the company ? Or the person(s) who create
the archives ? Or both ?

This should be fully delineated by your written destruction authorization
procedure. In the past I have set it up so that the signatures of the
department head/manager/adminstrator, legal counsel and tax are on the
authorization form.

I want to be sure that I will not have problems afterwards after the
destruction !!!!

A well written procedure and the proper documentation will go a long way to
detering problems.

And which information is necessary for the destructionlist ?

The list should contain the following information (at a minimum); record
title, record date, retention schedule code, office of record (department
responsible for the record), volume (boxes, linear inches/feet)

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