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Kay Lewis

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Sent: Thursday, 11 May 2000 13:55
Subject: Request for your views: What would we do in Victoria if we had a
Multimedia and/or ICT Minister?

> Dear Friends,
> The Victorian Minister for State and Regional Development, who has
> Multimedia Victoria and the ICT budget in his responsibility, has just
> finished his Budget speech today without even mentioning Information
> Technology, Telecommunications or multimedia, once.
> This is hardly surprising, given that the Victorian ALP Government had
> no-one from these sectors at its recent economic summit.  Hardly
> surprising, when the budget in this area discloses a cut of more than 30%
> to the Budget of Multimedia Victoria.  Hardly surprising, when the only
> really new initiative in the Budget is, Internet Access in Town Halls - a
> years old concept, already discredited in Tasmania.
> Before I deliver my speech on this topic in the Parliament, I would very
> much appreciate your views on the question - What we would do in Victoria
> if we had a Multimedia and ICT Minister?
> What can be done to continue the work of the previous Liberal Coalition
> Government in making Victoria a leader in the new global economy?
> Please send your responses to [log in to unmask]
> Please feel free to send this request to any friends and colleagues
> interested n this area of policy.
> Thank you for your time,
> Yours
> Victor
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