Wow, picked the wrong week for vacation.  Long time reader, second time writing.

I love this debate.

The common denominator is, take the CRM test if you want.  In the Real World, having the CRM after your name is "icing on the cake" or nice to have, but its not paramount.  Some jobs may NOT interview you because you do NOT have the CRM attached to your last name, but the majority of the jobs/companies, in the real world do not care what letters come after your name.  Apathy towards  "Records"  is still the number  problem with the majority of the companies out there.

Personally, the CRM has never come up for discussion in an interview or yearly review.  I have the application filled out (over a year now) but no time to study or take the exam, hopefully someday.  I know of four people with the CRM designation, 3 of which could not find their own "ass" with both hands, much less manage a records center. The fourth is a genius, seriously, so go figure.

Take the CRM exam, Don't take it....the mere fact that we all here, on the listserv., are in the same Field and in reading all the different CRM debate responses, can not come to consensus concerning CRM exams, how can you expect the real world to.

Now the fun stuff: Missed quotes.

Peter Kurilecz: In the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes (and Taxes and Educational reforms) the Schools here are hiring non certification teachers by the hundreds, simple supply and demand theory applies here, take an economics class or two.

Also, the world IS NOT DRIVEN BY credentials and certifications, the world could care less about credentials and certifications, THE WORLD IS DRIVEN BY ONE THING AND ONE THING ONLY, MONEY, PERIOD.
Peter lets say it again, THE WORLD IS DRIVEN BY MONEY.

Anyone getting into this racket called Records, research the CRM exam, it may be for you it may not.  In my experience, experience gets you hired, not initials.

Robert (don't know a damn thing) Skweres
These views are mine and NOT those of
Records Manger (or otherwise known as the Records Center Putz)
Minneapolis Minnesota (where we have two seasons winter and pothole)