I own a commercial records center in Nashville and we experienced a fire
almost two  years ago.  BMS handled the complete restoration of our records,
to include the freeze drying of 16,500 cubic feet of paper records for more
than 200 of our clients.  They handled the freeze drying promptly,
efficiently and in a cost effective way.  In cases where a box was needed for
an emergency (and there were several), BMS never checked to see if we had
paid for that particular box.  They pulled the requested box and sent it to
us in the quickest way possible.  We had no - and I repeat, no problems or
complaints.  They are one of the best vendors we have ever used and I would
highly recommend that they be among those that you consider for restoration.
They have relevant and significant experience in dealing with the restoration
of records.

I'm not sure I understand why your attorney objects to the clause regarding
payment.  If your vendor does the work, they should get paid.  If you will
check with the other vendors, I'm willing to bet that they have the same

Good luck, and don't exclude BMS.  This is too important of an issue to
exclude a good, experienced vendor.


Steve Richards
Richards & Richards
Nashville, Tennessee
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