I have to agree with Steve on this....

If BMS has provided the service they were contracted to provide (freeze
drying the records) and they have incurred the cost, your firm SHOULD be
obligated to pay thse costs prior to obtaining their records.

Your firm's contention that there may be some "discrepancy in the
billing and the cost shouldn't be paid until that is settled" makes no
sense.  That is a completely independent issue and would be dealt with
independent of the costs for services rendered.

BMS (and other firms in the business of Disaster Recovery) typically
request prospective clients to complete either a self inventory and
records assessment or will (for a fee) perform this inventory during an
onsite interview and assessment of your facility.  The purpose of this
is to "assist them to assist you" in the event you need to call upon
them to provide the services they're contracted to provide.


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