We use the very same klunky, messy numbering mechanisms today. What a pain they are!

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I know that one.

Bates refers to the name of a numbering machine designed in about 1890 that
will apply numbers to documents.  It will do them consecutively, duplicate,
triplicate, etc.  It is a mechanical device, very clunky, refuses to wear
out and uses very messy ink.

Today, of course, we generate these series of numbers with a simple macro in
a word processing program onto little labels and apply them to documents.
They are most prevalently used in the legal environment, though I've seen
them used other places where absolute document accountability is important.
They are called Bates numbers in much the same way we use Kleenex for facial

And, you can still buy the Bates machines.



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What are Bates Numbers?  I am new to RM and definitely lacking knowledge.
Thanks, Maggie Dohr