Since the CRM recently began testing knowledge of electronic records in earnest, I think it is still the most useful certification out there for any type of records.
I do not know of another certification that tests useful knowledge of the applications and hardware knowledge that are important to electronic records management.  Imaging has become, and will continue to become less important than knowledge about why, for example, you want IMAP rather than POP e-mail, or why the document management application you have can manage workflow diagrams as another document.  The CDIA is certainly useful if one owns a service bureau or has an in-house imaging program, but it will not help you choose a capture subsystem or an imaging-based document management application over a document management with imaging-based document management system.
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Can anyone recommend specific computer certifications to enhance careers in records management?  Electronic records and databases are quickly becoming major issues with our company.  My staff is concerned with the best programs to target for training and certification.  I would also like to know what to look for in for future employees that we may be adding to help address our electronic records.