Well said - thank you!

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Sent: June 23, 2000 7:20 AM
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Subject: It's in the name

Dear Listers,

     To be honest, any center that provides tutoring primarily should have
the word "tutoring" in the name.  College Tutoring Center, University
Tutoring Center, Tutoring Center, Oakland University Tutoring Center . . .
anything that has the word "tutoring" in it.  Many of the other names we
come up with seem to mask what we do.  Students who are struggling in their
classes look for a tutor, not an academic enrichment specialist.  The names
of our centers should make it very easy for students to find us.  Students
don't know what an Academic Skills Center does.  They do know what a
Tutoring Center does.  Yes, I understand that the word tutoring can have a
negative connotation but, in that light, we should not be trying to hide
what we do.  Instead, we should make efforts on our individual campuses to
erase the negative connotation of tutoring.  In essence, going to a tutor
is the best way to study for most students; perhaps that's what we should
be calling our centers: University Study and Tutoring Center.  Whatever you
name your center, make sure the students can discern what you do from your
name.  Also, make sure that a student who is searching your school's phone
book or web site can also easily know that you are the department that
provides tutoring.  Anyway, those are my thoughts.


Jeff Vande Zande
Tutor Coordinator
Oakland University