Hi, FloridaBirders!

I am sure that you would agree that we are not being worried to death with

This I thought and still think is a good time to start as we know the Fall
Migration will soon be in full swing.  This was evidenced by the Curlew
Sandpiper that stayed on one of Georgia's barrier islands, Little Tybee
Island, off shore from Savannah GA for about five days, but disappeared
after the showing on last Monday, July 10.  It was not identified until
July 8, as the birder who found it is new and inexperienced and it was hard
to reach.  Few got to see it.  But now Florida's east coast should brace
itself.  If you see a Dunlin-like bird still in breeding plumage with a
decurved bill, look close, it may be the star-crossed Curlew
Sandpiper.  Look those birds over carefully.  No I didn't get to see
it.  Imagine finding such a bird when you have birded only a
year.  Unbelievable.  Downhill after that.

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000003 00/07/15 07:49 34 RFI: Roseate Tern + Antillian Nighthawks
000004 00/07/15 09:56 42 Re: Florida Birding Festival Correct URL
000005 00/07/15 22:20 38 Report of Black-bellied Whistling Ducks
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Hope tomorrow is a good birding day for you all.

Barbara Passmore
Valdosta GA
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