Although Wes Biggs and I discussed the rare bird list prior to my filing it
yesterday  and in particular the name of the albatross, yet I nevertheless
failed to make the necessary change in the spelling.  Sorry, Wes!

Wes also requests that I forward this message from him:

 >Please mention my great appreciation to my good friend Kurt Radamaker
 >for E-mailing me his FOS check-list (he is putting the finishing touches
 >on it), from which I created my rare birds list. His hard work over the
 >last few weeks made my task much easier!  Wes

To which I add my own thanks, Kurt!

Again as a separate mailing, I am sending the list, version 1.1,
including the corrected name of the Yellow-nosed Albatross.


Barbara Passmore
Valdosta GA
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