Hi FloridaBirders -

A question to start off ...

I saw the immature male Stripe-headed Tanager at the Kendall Elementary
School on April 13, 1997. I think this bird was present for about three
days.  At that time, I didn't know that there was a contemplated split of
the Striped-headed Tanagers ... if I had, I would have taken better notes
(shame on me).  My impression and recollection is that this bird was a
"Western" form (Spindalis zena zena), rather than the "Jamaican" form (S z.
nigricephala) or "Eastern" form (S. z. dominicensis).  Can anyone comment
on this bird?

While we are at it, as I recall, there are only a few records (maybe just
one?) of the Jamaican form in Florida.  How about the Eastern form?  Have
there been any records?



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