>As listowner of Eastbirders, I am considering asking all of the subscribers
>to Eastbirders to sign up for FLORIDABIRDS-L since it seems to be a more
>reliable service and the search feature is superior.

I agree with Dotty on this one.  It is time to end the balkanization of the
Florida birding mail lists.  As the always exciting fall migration season
is upon us, I would not mind seeing the use of FLORIDABIRDS-L as the
primary source for transmitting observations.  While the recent, very
lengthy crashes of the Listbot system seem to be fixed, I am not real
confident that they will not recur.  It is my impression that listserv
systems are much more reliable. They also typically have the advantage of
searchable archives.

What ever the outcome, just be thankful that we have the choice of open
communications.  During my year of residence in New Jersey, I was
flabbergasted to find that the so-called birding mail list allowed only
posting by three select persons...Now wouldn't that make you cranky Rex?


Noel Wamer
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"A strange bird may cause a slight unrest until it is named..."
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