I recognized the bird Phil Davis referred to immediately.
After all, I had reported its existence in Miami to BirdChat for Mort
Cooper who had first reported it.  This exhibits one of the glories
of a good archive that it took less than five minutes to request
and receive this post.  Isn't that neat?  Yes, we discovered
the errant "d" on "Striped" and corrected it the next day.
It is posting # 25,233 out of  51,402 posts as of now.

Unfortunately, there are no Florida list archives available to answer
Phil's question.

You can see why I love good archives so much.

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Subject: Striped-headed Tanager reported Miami
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Hello, BirdChatters,
I am forwarding this message at the request of Mort Cooper:
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I'm a recent enrollee to BIRDCHAT and can't post yet but I do have a
hot-line bird to report, so I'm contacting you to put it through:
STRIPED-HEADED TANAGER - Bahamas race, female in good plumage. Kenwood
Elementary School natural area, 9040 SW 79th Avenue, Kendall,
Miami Florida seen this am Saturday April 12 at 10 o'clock for fifteen
minutes. Feeds in coral bean bush about 80 feet west of the wooden
gazebo in the center of the planting. First seen Friday pm.
Mort Cooper
Miami, Florida
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