Hi, FloridaBirders,

Kurt Radamaker has generously made a website for FLORIDABIRDS-L.  Well,
I might phrase that a little differently.  He has recycled the old web
page of Birdbrains.  Thanks, Kurt.

The site now has the directions for subscribing to FLORIDABIRDS-L
and other things will be added as well.  Maybe some simple commands.

Pictures are included and Kurt says that if you have pictures you
want to display (such as a mystery bird, or just an interesting Florida
bird of any kind that you might like to show), send it/them to him.


Also, if you have any birding events to post, write Kurt
at this address: [log in to unmask]

Thanks a lot, Kurt.  What a nice thing to do.  I am sure
there will be other things to post.


Barbara Passmore
[log in to unmask]
Valdosta GA