Hi, FloridaBirders!

(I promised this to you for the trouble with the URL for the archive.

Don't think this has nothing to do with birds; it has everything to do with
birds --
if you could only see my icons!

Making desktop icons will spoil you. But it is so easy to do and saves so
much time.

First, though:  I am not sure if it works on Windows 95 since I only have
98s on my computers,   But it definitely will work on 98, and it may work
on 95.

When the FLORIDABIRDS-L website, for example, is open, click on "File" in
the upper lefthand corner (I think I am safe to say "any file you want
quick and easy access to -- such as pictures, etc.").  A menu will pull
down, so look down until you see "Send".  Click and hold that button down,
and while doing so, slip your cursor over and click on "Send to
Desktop."  That's it; look at your desktop and you will see an icon.  Click
on the icon and it will pull the website up or the file, picture, etc.

When you get as many icons as I have, there must be some order in the
chaos.  Place your cursor in a blank space on the desktop and click.  You
will get another little menu of ways to arrange your icon.  I have never
tried but one way, arrange by name. If you want to move a particular icon,
just drag it to the point you want it to be and let go.  If you want to put
a number of icons together, with your cursor in a black space, again get
the menu and choose "New Folder."  Rename it by clicking on the name and
retyping the title (such as "Bird  Stuff") Any icons you wish to put in the
folder can be pulled there by dragging the icon over to the folder.  Like
Captain Kirk, they just melt away into the folder.  Click on the folder
and, viola, there it is again!

What it is, is a little "shortcut" to reach the file and pull it
up.     Click on it and it will bring the page up.   I believe this works
with Netscape too.  I just don't know.   But it will save you tons of time
if you haven't made your own icons before now.

Barbara Passmore