Let me leap onto the cyber-dogpile:

I don't think local reports - at the current volume, anyways - are much
trouble to read through, and I find them informative. Judy Fisher may take
an "Aw shucks, I'm just posting to the homies" attitude, but knowing what
she saw at Bonner gives me another piece of the picture. If I get a
non-spectacular report from Judy, plus another from Noel in Jacksonville,
and still others from Jack at Alligator Point and the Duncans over at
Pensacola and Dave at Merritt Island and Charlie down at the Sanibel
lighthouse (have I left anybody out?)  - then I may not have a Good Bird to
chase, but I'll have some perspective on the migration.

I say don't be shy about submitting "posts of everyday consequence, of the
daily runs with no special results," as Barbara calls them. FloridaBirds
shouldn't restrict itself to the Black-throated Gray Warblers and ignore the
Black-throated Blues. If it does, it will simply be functioning as a second
Rare Bird Alert. What I'd like to see - don't deny it, you've been dying to
know - is all the local lists folded into FloridaBirds. It would cut down on
a lot of Birding Angst - "Is a Blackburnian good enough for FloridaBirds, or
should I post to the local list? Oh, what to do, what to do?" - and it would
help all of us to see the big picture. Maybe I just need to get a life, but
the volume would have to go WAY up and the quality WAY down before I'd start
to get bored.

Now that I've had my say, I'm going to unsubscribe for a week or two, till
the birding reports start to outnumber the opinions.....

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