Hi Dot et al.,

It's important to note what the FOS Newsletter recently advertised, which
solely is photocopies of 1991-era BBA maps. That's it; no text, no
illustrations, nothing else. (I'm not even sure there's a title page
indicating the authors of the BBA final report, who are Kale, Pranty, Stith,
and Biggs).

As current president of FOS, Jim Cox thought it is better for BBA volunteers
to see SOME kind of result after all these years.

But the Atlas itself remains tied up in political controversy, as it has
been since Feb 1992. (I can't say more, since I don't know who is reading

This is not a book; it's a collection of photocopied maps. (The cost is
associated with photocopying all he maps). And since the maps are not the
most recent vintage (ca. 1995), they do contain errors. Probably quite a
few, but without accompanying text, you can't know what is suspect.

Hope this is helpful.

Best regards,


Bill Pranty
Audubon of Florida
Tampa, Florida 33619
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