On 10:13 PM 7/17/00 David Mark wrote:
>I think only the A.O.U. Check-List committee can 'officially' split
>lump) species. And the ABA follows the AOU on all matters of taxonomy.

Well anyone who wants to can decide to follow their on taxonomy, but if
you want it to count for submitting your list to the ABA, you'd better
listen to what the ABA says and the ABA listens to the AOU for the most
part. As far as I know, the ABA hasn't split the Stripe-headed

On 08:57 AM 7/18/00 Dot and Wayne Freeman wrote:
>Have you checked out Stevenson and Anderson's "Birdlife of Florida,
>1994" for detailed info about the subspecies of Striped-headed Tanager
>that have been reported in Florida? The is the most expansive and
>informative text on Florida Birds.

Stevenson and Anderson say that two Bahaman forms have been found in
Florida - S. z. zena and S. z. townseni. They add that of the other 6
forms S. z. pretrei from Cuba might be reasonablly expected to occur in
Florida. How these eight forms fit with the four in Raffaele I'm not
sure, but I think the Bahaman and Cuban forms might all be part of what
Raffaelle calls the Western Stripe-headed Tanager, judging from the
ranges given in Raffaelle.

On a different note, does anyone know of any references concerning the
identification of subspecies of Yellow-faced Grassquit? I've got my
report on the one I saw in May all ready to go to the records committee
except that I would like to try to figure out which subspecies it is.
The only problem is I haven't found anything that tells me what the
difference is.

Katrina Knight
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