Barbara, I was wrong, or at least out of date. The most recent PRINTED
version of the A.O.U. Check-list has only one species, and does not even
talk about a future split. But I inadvertently let my membership in AOU
lapse so I do not get the taxonomic supplements. I just thought to
search for an A.O.U. web site, and they have one, that includes the
Check-list, presumably as updated by supplements to The Auk. The
check-list does indeed include four species of Spindalis, so the AUO has
split them.

Spindalis zena Western Spindalis.
Spindalis nigricephala Jamaican Spindalis.
Spindalis dominicensis Hispaniolan Spindalis.
Spindalis portoricensis Puerto Rican Spindalis.

Note that according to this source
( the common name is not
"Stripe-headed Tanager" any more, but the English names are "Spindalis".
The ABA does not always follow the AOU on common names. But we probably
should start calling them "Western Spindalis", etc.


On Tue, 18 Jul 2000, Barbara Passmore wrote:

> I am not a taxonomist, and as Phil Davis said, this is not a taxonomy list,
> but I do want to respond to David Mark's post of yesterday.  I will make a
> small personal statement that our local library has an excellent collection
> of bird books and it is growing daily.
> I have this morning had the library fax over to me the pages of text from
> Raffaele's guide to the birds of the West Indies, to which I referred
> yesterday.  If anyone needs the full citation, write me directly or refer
> to my post of yesterday, please.
> Now, with these pages (pp. 417-419) before me, this is what I find.
> in Raffaele's book, four species of stripe-headed tanagers are described in
> detail:
> 1) Western Stripe-headed Tanager (Spindalis zena)
> 2) Jamaican Stripe-headed Tanager (Spindalis nigricephalus)
> 3) Hispaniolan Stripe-headed Tanager (Spindalis dominicensis)
> 4) Puerto Rican Stripe-headed Tanager (Spindalis portoricensis)
> Reference to plates is made in each instance.
> Under Western Stripe-headed Tanager (Spindalis zena),the following language
> appears:
>  >Comments:  Aarboreal.  Feeds mainly on berries, but also takes other
> plant parts.  >Until recently Western Stripe-headed Tanager was united as a
> single species with the >three other stripe-headed tanagers. They were
> split into four species based on >differences in vocal behavior,
> coloration, nesting and size.  Western Stripe-headed >Tanager still
> contains five subspecies.
> David, I see no qualifying language whatsoever.  The wording is pretty
> clear, I would say.  Beyond that, I can only reiterate that this is what is
> stated in this particular
> book.
> Perhaps you would like to follow it up to prove or disprove.
> I am still puzzled about why, if this split has been made, NGS didn't
> indicate it in its 3d edition by including "Western" in the name of the
> Stripe-headed Tanager there.
> If you find out the truth of the matter, please forward it to the list.
> Barbara Passmore
> Valdosta GA
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> At 10:13 PM 7/17/00 -0400, you wrote:
> >I think only the A.O.U. Check-List committee can 'officially' split (or
> >lump) species. And the ABA follows the AOU on all matters of taxonomy.
> >There is just one species of Spindalis in the printed 7th edition AOU
> >check-list, in Sibley & Munroe, and in Clements.  Has their been a
> >published supplement to the AOU 7th edition that splits Spindalis?
> >
> >If no, perhaps Raffaele reported that Stripe-headed Tanager is going to be
> >split, or is likely to be split, or that a published article has
> >recommended that it be split.
> >
> >David
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> >David M. Mark
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> >On Mon, 17 Jul 2000, Barbara Passmore wrote:
> >
> > > Hi, again,
> > >
> > > Not that Phil Davis doesn't already know this, but I did take a look at _A
> > > Guide to the birds of the West Indies_, Raffaele et al., Princeton
> > > University Press, 1998.  Raffaele reports that Stripe-headed Tanager has
> > > been split into four species,listed as Puerto Rican, Hispaniola, Western,
> > > and Jamaican.  The Western is the one shown in the 3d ed of the NGS field
> > > guide as being seen in South Florida under the name of  Stripe-headed
> > > Tanager (Spindalis zena), with two subspecies, zena and townsendi. possibly
> > > being seen.  Western is shown by Raffaele as having a total of five
> > > subspecies.
> > >
> > > If there has been a further split of the Western Stripe-headed Tanager
> > > (Spindalis zena), it is not shown in the current edition of the NGS.  And
> > > this is the bird shown as visiting southeast Florida and the Florida
> > > Keys.  It should be noted, however,that NGS also does not use the name
> > > "Western" but refers to the bird as simply as Stripe-headed Tanager
> > > (Spindalis zena).
> > >
> > > This does not answer Phil's question about whether others have been
> > > recorded in Florida but was interesting to me and I thought perhaps also
> > > interesting to you.
> > >
> > >
> > > Barbara Passmore
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