Hi there, where the sun shines every day...

Here in our rainy Belgium, I'm also in the process of adding our favorite
list on my brand new link page, part of our national website
Follow the links to "liens" (links in french) and you'll see how it looks
like now.
Any new link would be more than appreciated.

Enjoy the day,

Stephane Moniotte
Brussels BELGIUM
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At 11:25 18/07/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Jack Siler wrote and said he has added FLORIDABIRDS to his new
> page at
>YEAAA !!!  Thanks, Jack!
>I have checked and it is there!!!  And not even a week old.
>You can easily make an icon for your desktop when Jack's page is open by
>going to FILE, click on SEND, then on DESKTOP.
>After that, it's a breeze.
>Don't forget however that you must be subscribed to the list to be able to
>post (and the posts are what it's all about, right?)
>Since all of you on the list are already subscribed, of course, this
>information is mainly for the people who will read this message on Jack's
>The command address is :  [log in to unmask]
>Subscription message is:  SUBSCRIBE FLORIDABIRDS-L  First and Last Names
>ALSO, posting address is:  [log in to unmask]
>I have been asked about the "lists" instead of "listserv" -- the answer is
>that each location of Listserv can set it up as it wishes, but similarly.
>For example, the U.of Laval, in Quebec, uses "[log in to unmask]"
>We are off to a good start, and I thank you all for your participation.
>Barbara Passmore
>Valdosta GA
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>   Listowner