Hi, FloridaBirders,

This morning, while reading my mail, I checked the messages from the Quebec
birding list,  Ornitho-Qc.  This list is also covered by Jack Siler on his
Birdmail page, and I have been subscribed to O-Qc for several years.  Today
Regis Fortin has a great Warbler slide show presentation (diaporama) of
Quebec warblers.  These birds are also FLORIDA birds in migration, so take
a look.

Be sure to scroll up slightly to be able to go to the "next" picture.  Go to:

It is true that the names are in French but for the less experienced that
may be a test.  Paruline (French) = Warbler (English) and who could argue
with the names:  Paruline flamboyante, for example, and its very beautiful

I will scroll down a bit here and write the English names.  But, first, try
to identify them yourself without looking at the English names.  Their ID
is not
difficult and I'll bet 99.9% of you will know them.

Enjoy!  And thanks to Regis.

Barbara Passmore
Valdosta GA
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English names of warblers

1.  Yellow-rumped Warbler  (I know, "butter butt")
2.  Chestnut-sided Warbler
3.  Black-throated Green Warbler
4.  Nashville Warbler
5.  Ovenbird
6.  American Redstart
7.  Yellow Warbler
8.  Common Yellowthroat female
9.  Common Yellowthroat male
10. Cape May Warbler