At the PCS Phosphate Mines in Hamilton County today, I saw three species of
terns in less than 30 minutes. A Forster's Tern, Least Tern, and Black Tern
were actively feeding in the same pond about 10 minutes apart before each
separately flew off in a southeasterly direction. This was between 5:30 and
6:00 this afternoon.

There were 40+ Great Egrets, 30+ Snowy Egrets, 50+ Little Blue Herons,
10 Tricolored Herons, 50+ Cattle Egrets, and 2 Green Herons. Only 1
Double-crested Cormorant and 2 Anhingas.

The only shorebirds seen at all consisted of a fly-by of 10 dowitchers.
On property adjacent to the phosphate mines, two adult Wood Storks were
feeding in a stagnant pond. A little further south close to White Springs,
there were 9 juvenile Wood Storks (Suwannee Co.).

I saw 41 species in about 2 hours late this afternoon in the Hamilton
County area.

Kristi Avera
Lake Park, GA
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